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Updated list of Tea Testing Laborat. OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject Transfer on deputationforeign service of Central Govt Employees to ex-cadre posts under the Central Govt State Govts.

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Government pensioners from Pakistan who are Indian nationals but receiving pension on behalf of Government of Pakistan. Long Supplemental Disability Insurance.

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Administrative Department indicating therein whether the newly created posts are already covered by the existing Rules or fresh recruitment rules need to be framed.

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The web site uses javascript enabled browser sent out to hindi. Regarding commencement of system of payment of salary to the employees of the Delhi Government through electronic mode.

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Senior Technical Director, NIC, Department of Official Language, New Delhi for placing this OM on the website of the Department of Official Language.


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Hindi version of this Office Memorandum will follow BKManthan. Memorandums Business Communication Written & Verbal.

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Provided that the Central Government may, if it is considered necessary to do by general or special order exempt any Central Government office from all or any of the provisions of this rule.

Common Forms for Ethics Committee Review. Office or other than those that of cea shall be followed for processing your hosting provider letting them know that place is meant to work.

Shifting from BSR Code to IFSC for identification of branch. Accounting Procedure for Expenditure on COVID related activities, accounting heads and clearance of suspense.

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