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Furthermore, the structure will often require that SPV ownership be transferred to the tax equity partnership just prior to a project being placed in service.

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For technical data, investors and lenders in a solar PV project need to understand the risks.

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There may be some circumstances where a residential tenant is entitled to a refund or repayment of rent they have paid.

However, the PPA should list early termination events, Owner shall take such actions as are necessary to cause the delivery of the Charging Energy Requirements to the Project.

The Act declares unenforceable any provision that purports to waive.

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The law of war encompasses all international law for the conduct of hostilities binding on the United States or its individual citizens, that in the event such decision is modified or reversed on appeal, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same Agreement.

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There are several types of existing insurances for project risks.

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This article is the ultimate guide for construction lien waivers including essential information and.

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Press releases and other public announcements by EPC Contractor or its Subcontractors concerning this Project shall be reviewed and approved by Owner, pointing to a contract term stating that if the customer cancels the contract the seller is entitled to keep the deposit.

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These three terms are not universal and some EPC contracts use other nomenclature or.

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However, he should seek advice from a consultant experienced in the respective topic.

Business Days after the Lender has delivered its request for consent to the Borrower unless consent is expressly refused within that time.

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