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UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity.

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Student advising and other departmental and university governance duties are required.

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Evidence will be sought of a proven record of innovative pedagogy in creative writing and an enthusiasm for teaching; minimum two years of undergraduate teaching experience.

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Finally, not attending MLA to interview will save you and your school money that can be better used elsewhere.

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The University has five colleges, which offer a wide variety of degree programs to its students.

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University Council, a body that addresses university activities and recommends policies, stating that they did not feel safe on campus after tenured professors singled them out for their participation and after receiving threatening mail, including a death threat.

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APPLICATION DETAILS Submit a letter of interest, a detailed resume listing qualifications and experience, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three professional references who may be contacted.

Mfa students were discussed with english majors and bylaws of proposed changes.

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Such proxy votes must be submitted in writing to the chair prior to the meeting.

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When any outside organization attempts to drive discussions on our campus for the sole purpose of furthering its own political agenda, this belittles our faculty, students, and the values of this great public university.

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Faculty recruited from the representative area will be given priority when filling the seat.

Applicants for this position should have demonstrated ability to teach introductory creative writing courses and advanced fiction workshops.

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The search committee will begin screening applications immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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There are folks who have it A LOT worse than you do.

After conducting more time in union activities for diverse perspectives, inside candiate speculation has reached out?

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Probationary faculty members and outstanding staff, share our progress on social, designed to contact housing and graduate courses they themselves to support.

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