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I’ve been visiting femesque for a while now and they make me feel not only comfortable but have helped me find my femininity. The ‘eccentricity’ associated with the image of cross dressing is seen as complementing that of the artist who is expected to challenge the norms of society. There's a myriad of pleasurable and divine sites along this way. “and then i thought, he’s a perfect man in my eyes.   if you get into an accident or get pulled over, you’ll need to provide proof of insurance. Certain memories will always be remembered. If you have mile-long legs, you may want to check out the tall sizes. Most clothing is designed to fit b or c sizes.

Some male operatic roles originally written to be sung in the voice range of castrati (men castrated in boyhood, whose voices never descended into the normal male register) are now usually cast with female singers in male costume.   finding the right sized clothes took a long time for me and will take a long time for you. Some female opera singers specialize in these types of roles. Conversely the role of a pantomime dame, a middle aged woman played by a man for comic relief, is still one of the mainstays of the pantomime. Cross-dressing also does not necessarily have anything to do with sexual arousal or even any interpersonal interactions. Can you tell us how you safeguard the privacy of buyers of the world’s best cross dressing guide. Remember you still need to put foundation over it, so you don’t want to over-do it with the. But the ancient norse didn't really agree with this argument. With the proliferation of the internet.

Think you could never look feminine. If nothing else, it’s living in a closet–and that closet may be filled with 75 pairs of 6-inch heels that are ostensibly “mine,” but it’s still a closet, and it’s not mine. What a blonde moment that was. Looking forward to another makeover and nails next time aswell. If you aren't sure that cross dressing is for you then you might simply purchase a pair of women's jeans to wear around. It may be easier to find a good fit with styles featuring some extra stretch and coverage. If you are a bigger girl, it is about projection you can probably carry off a d or dd. The attendant called out into the dressing room “is there a man here.

Most of us probably started out by borrowing some of our mother's or sister's clothing. All of the pictures listed from this page are completely safe for work :). If you want to go out dressed, you can. I reviewed the e-book and found that it was well written and indexed for easy reference. Most cross-dressers describe their desire to wear women’s clothes as something deep within them: a need that does not and will not go away. Suzanne at the dressings services.

  my standard response though is that i hate body hair. Just clip them on to the front your hair and voila. While i am not sure i agree with everything written here, the questions are well worth asking. We probably walked down about four stores before we turned back towards the shoppe. Thats shiny and feels soft. I loved the way my heels sounded on the pavement.   acceptance can lead to confidence, which leads to happiness. During the scenario cloud and aeris can visit a gym whose owner, "beautiful bro", is a crossdresser, and the player must perform a squatting minigame trying to win off a wig to wear from him. Thong panties can help to shape the derriere with some outfits. There are more and more cross dressing stores.

It’s a discreet world hiding not just stockings but heartbreak, shame, social isolation, also unspoken happiness and joy.   you can shop all you want online, buy things and send them back if they are the wrong size. “the transvestite crossdressing transition guide. The best method would be to shave it or have it waxed all off, but when that is not an option, wearing a few pairs of stockings over leg hair is a good way to cover it up. Tuck your tailbone in and walk as though you have a string pulling up from the top of your head. Do you see yourself in real luxurious crossdressing service fur. ” the fact that so many idiots cite similar things along the lines of women dressing as men and this being acceptable in today’s society is ridiculous.

We live in shame because we are not accepted in any role by society therefore when we try to be true to ourselves we are perverted, cavemen, selffish, ugly, gay, but in fact we are just individuals developed by our own unique backgrounds, develpoments and personalities. As a cross-dresser, there is a tremendous amount of shame and fear associated with being a cross-dresser – especially when the cross-dresser doesn’t understand what he is discovering. But even if one does not agree or comprehend the reason, we should accept that g-d's master plan is beyond us and we should do our best to follow it. Thus, we're not exactly uncommon. When asked whether we would still see cloud donning a dress, he said “please look forward to it.

I think the only people who have problems with cross-dressing are those who consider it to be more than simply a means of self-expression or a desire to don soft and pretty things. Is it safe to go out in public while crossdressed. Sometimes, i’d look at the mirror and be utterly disappointed with the way i look. For many of us, the most challenging aspect of cross dressing isn’t learning how to appear feminine. Piercing ears, the starter studs must be kept in place for 6 weeks,. I don’t act particularly camp when i’m dressed up either, for the same reason. (it helps if you are a little overweight like me.

Hagbard in the scandinavian legend of hagbard and signy (the romeo and juliet of the vikings).   when starting out, i recommend buying inexpensive makeup to get the hang of it. There are any articles on this subject that you may find useful. My website provides a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your crossdressing life. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms. That would be cross-nudity and that's something probably better discussed via tor.

Com/r/crossdressing/comments/q2ruu/cincher_vs_corset_vs_etc/). They are surprised how i manage to achieve the female look without using expensive make-up artists. And if it bothers people, well then i know it is a personal issue for them that they need to look at. Unless you are very balanced, cross-dressing offers a glimpse into another part of yourself you may not have visually connected with before. May prefer to be relocated to a new work location where they are not. The author know it is to the author at least.

Crossdressing little boys was so comfortable and i loved the pockets, really didn’t use them but loved them.   please note that this is a tricky process and will likely take a lot of trail and error before you get it right. The door opened, he took one look at me, and said, “you look great, i’ll go get dressed. Kimber, a california girl who is new to cross dressing, likes the “general breadth of specialty items you find online.   i am happy with my makeup and i am confident in my technique.   again, crossdressing is learning by doing. Our sex life has sky rocketed. Hr, contact the director of diversity to discuss the situation.   if asked if the coworker. “my first reaction was totally disbelief.

I had a goal to dress up once a month, or twelve times this year. And she also love the privacy – a big concern for most cross dressers. This is not supporting those of us who are honest about who and what we are, and the fact that a relationship with a crossdresser is not all work, doom and gloom. The skinny: dildos are part of complete breakfast. -waist measured at your belly button. The downside is that human hair wigs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. ### where can i find shoes for very big / very small feet. Wider full teardrop breast forms from glamourboutique. There are cross-dressing men in all walks of life.

Welcome to my crossdressing service, a discreet dressing service on a one-to-one basis, for transformations from male to female, based in cheshire in the uk. The player can recruit the dragqueen by the use of a orator and his sprite will change to a female time mage, but retains the male portrait, being essentially a female unit who has access to female-exclusive equipment and the job classdancer, rather than the male-exclusive bard. Here’s the succinct argument: being able to pleasure one’s self without the help of another person works towards autonomy and fulfillment of that individual regardless of sex or gender. " they immediately blame themselves for the behavior. Peter typifies the cross-dressers in the seahorses. Once i got over the shock of looking the way i did. I then made the 2 hour drive home the entire time in my dress and full makeup.

  holding ourselves to a certain standard means that we have expectations as to what a cis-woman “should” look like. You will find that depending on the dress style and manufacturer that dress size is not an exact science. Hello, my name is zeke and i am a transgender jew in my early 20s. Men some of the time, in effect cross dressing on a part time. The easiest way to do this without cutting your hair is to braid it and pile it up under a hat or even just tuck it down the back of your shirt. How should we plan a worker's transition to a new gender. The restroom matching his/her new gender, effective on the day of. Please share a little background information about yourself.   a rule of thumb is going one or two sizes up from your male clothes.

Then one or two pairs of pantyhose should be worn over the tights for proper coloring. I think this is terrible and reprehensible. Or was cross-dressing part of. As societies are becoming more global in nature, both men and women are adopting styles of dress associated with other cultures. I like the fact she takes charge. More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and we all know (well, statistically speaking) crossdressing is not a factor in a majority of those.

Guide To Cross Dressing

Drag queen is usually a male-bodied person who performs as an exaggeratedly feminine character, in heightened costuming sometimes consisting of a showy dress, high-heeled shoes, obvious makeup, and wig. And, in searching for the right person as your guide to finding just the right image of cross dressing for you, please be aware that, just as there are cowboys in the building trade, there are unscrupulous people in every professional arena. ** this guide is intended to be a quick reference and jumping-off point for the curious and in no way should be seen as some sort of road map or checklist to "proper" crossdressing. A standard cap wig has a closed lace crown with the hair machine-sewn to the cap. Don't you see that it was forbidden. The washington post updated its style guide to include the singular. I have attended support groups and clubs, etc.

“we’d only been seeing each other for a short time and he said ‘i’ve got something to tell you’, he said ‘i’m a cross-dresser’, and i thought, now what do i do. It is a further and altogether daunting step which is taken when secrecy is abandoned and not just family but colleagues at work are made aware that they have a new woman in their midst: and one cannot underestimate some of the difficulties which will arise. No one cares what you wear except your immediate family, or girlfriend. 65 women commented on sally mcgraws blogpost on styling a twinset and there are many lessons to be learned. ##welcome to the /r/crossdressing dress-up guide. All i can say is that i appreciate it’s tough for the other half. This is for your pleasure - not anyone else's. (with an eyeglass prescription in hand, you can order eyeglasses online and avoid the embarrassment of buying female frames in person. ) will be negligible to start with but hey. Com/r/crossdressing/comments/1s73ev/femalebodied_beginner/).

Even for the exact same dress there can be two slightly different 10s. What if a worker tells me he is a cross dresser, but does not want to transition. Cross-dressing forces one to acknowledge that what they see in the “other/s” gender is within them, and what one may lay claim to in their own gender flourishes within the “other/s” as well. What if there are as many genders as there are people. Bcp: update all visible references to the employee's name (especially. Cover nails with quick-dry clear polish, then a final coat of color. As it gets warmer or colder, simply remove or add the layers.

But take baby-steps, and always consider your safety. The only problem was that i now just want to rush off down to the shops and go mad trying to put your advice into practice.   they are trained to help girls like us. I met a man and we started dating. I know that you will want to be as feminine as possible. I wonder sometimes what would happen if we would just deal with this stuff as a culture so 10 year olds – or their adults selves – wouldn’t have to feel like crap about it. Even if you’ve grown out your own hair, a wig or hairpiece is a great way to transform your look and add some instant glam. Jamie’s tips are super.

Some people cross-dress in order to shock others or challenge social norms. Add a size to your mens' size and you have your women's sandal size. They share your pain over finding the right shoe size but contemporary challenges come with contemporary solutions. Perhaps you have dreamed of being a frivolous and frilly crossdressing service sissy maid. I didn't really get any good or bad reactions. Some undergo surgery as well. Or even better, can anyone give me a link to a guide that would give me great advice on how to look male. Try starting with the lower eyelid’s first. He thinks of it all day long and cannot escape thoughts even at work. Most cross-dressers want to tell their wives about their secret and probably would have told her early on if they had more.

So meet kandi in the dressing room in our section on “putting it together”. Cross dressing techniques - a male to female cross dressing guide. There really is no other way to look at it. The premise of the jewish religion is that g-d revealed his will to mankind. “for every woman that burned her bra, there is a man burning to wear one,” she tells me with a laugh.   sure, i can change a tire myself, but no way i am doing that in a dress or heels. For more examples of famous literary cross-dressers, check out our learning guides to. 1-14     photography for the trans girl is always a riveting subject and our latest contribution is taking better selfies, a consolidation of tips from. Depending on which curriculum they chose, the student, now dressed as a woman, would take classes with the dean of high heels, a former ballerina who teaches elegance and feminine walking skills.

Such relocation is currently rarely needed. Do we need to update our health benefits coverage. My new persona would don these dainty items every month or so relishing their softness.   there are no rules with makeup, just do what works for you.   makeup is hard to get right. Many of you have tried to find feminization tips and crossdressing.

Bring a picture if you can. Candidate under the old name. I adore and cherish you. Little black dress for crossdressers is an ideal solution for many. Many variants of this story say that she not only compelled him to do women's work, but compelled him to dress as a woman while her slave. Measure bust according to bra size directions in.

Records on the day of the transition. A lot of words but i haven’t written a snappy “mission statement” yet 🙂. She is not what most people picture when thinking of a pioneer in the crossdressing and transgender movement, but an expert she is. “you could be arrested for solicitation. At this stage the parents and doctor sometimes make a decision as to what they want the baby to grow up as, a male or female and in most cases that decision is the wrong one.

For instance, a man might wear both a dress and a beard. You'll want to pick up some sponges for application and those will be in the same area. Cross dressing guide will equip you with the right information so you will no longer be fooled by stores selling expensive cross dressing products. If you look through bizarre design’s photo album, you will find an up-to-date price list for corsets for both men and women. Or rather, crossdressing in itself does not make someone a good partner to a woman. Worker's new name as a nickname temporarily, until the legal name. Sizes vary from store to store and from brand to brand, so knowing your size is really just knowing your measurements and what sizes they generally fall in and using that as a starting point. Faris still sports masculine gear most of the game, apart from her dancer outfit, and when she has to dress up as a princess at tycoon castle.

-- psychological tricks that will help you to achieve the standard of a world class secret agent. I hoped that i would be among the last cds to grow up under the cloud of cd opprobrium, and therefor of self-loathing. Kitty is the image of cross dressing.   it’s about finding what you like, what you are comfortable wearing and uncovering that part of you that might not get out very much. You will then slip into lingerie which i shall lay out just for you; and then you will begin your professional make-over: and i use only the very best, top quality make-up products. I’ve never heard of anyone whose urges to dress dried up completely. Sometimes this will require shopping online.

Known as the real life experience. Keep a secret in a coveted gown from stephaniepan. Home renders only 4 pixels tall (10 css pixels). The practice of wearing the clothing of another gender figures largely in many media, literary, and popular cultural sources. Some companies make leg makeup. These can also correspond to numbers, like 7 being a medium. Rarely would you see the term guilt tied to the idea of women in pants. It’s about you and how your body feels when you do certain activities or dress in certain clothes, which you consider to be not of your gender. Being a female is so much more than just put on a wig, a dress and a pair of high heels. They have a preference towards clothing which is only marketed to or associated with the opposite sex.

* [/r/abrathatfits: manual sizing guide](https://www. While in the dressing room, a mother and daughter who were using a nearby dressing room heard the student’s booming voice and went to get an attendant to tell them a man was in the dressing room. It was sydney in the early 1970s, still years before the city’s first mardi gras parade, which was met with violent opposition. Pretty much the same way you shave your face, just a little more carefully. The crossdresser is unhappy, because cross-dressing brings happiness only in the moment and not true internal happiness.

I take a great pride in achieving the very highest standards in my crossdressing service work, the incredible transformation of male to female.   i have an app on my phone and i have multiple accounts associated with it. What if the worker's spouse is covered as a beneficiary. Again thank you so much. At home it’s always fine, although we both chose to not tell our children until they were old enough to understand and mature enough to keep quiet. Some may disapprove of the idea, some may be drawn to you out of curiosity, but they don't care about you. For 36 years, i’ve had the kind of cd that includes a desire for men and “sticking things up my rectum.

There's also no need to drop a lot of money while you figure out where to start - there are lots of good drugstore brands that you can practice with and not have to worry about wasting hundreds of dollars of product. Once you have achieved that perfect hourglass figure with the shaping garments, you can now focus on dressing like a woman. I guess i’ve been crossdressing for a while now, and i suppose i’ve come to a few conclusions about things. Final fantasy vii - cross dressing checklist/faq. A relationship with secrets is doomed.

Meet jamie young, author of the world’s best cross dressing guide. It was just too much for him. And of course there's always the classic rolled-up-socks-in-your-bra route.   this is a method that takes some practice but adding a reddish tint to your face counteracts with the slight blueish tint facial hair can create. First, take my poll below and then tell me about your experience with wigs, hairpieces, and/or hair extensions. Take a look also at my youtube crossdressing service videos and you will begin to understand not just the incredibly high standards to which i work but also the sheer fun and happiness i share with my girls. Jewelry box — my wife gets credit for this. Cup size is represented as a letter correlating to the difference between your band size and bust size (the circumference around your chest, over your breasts). You may hear the following terms when doing research on transgender issues or speaking to an interview subject. I am a m-f transgendered person and you are sooo right about cd’s acting, well, just plain assinine.

In other words, it is a man (the actor) dressing as a woman dressing as a man dressing as a woman. Add a headband to cover your ears when it gets cooler, or switch to a wool or fleece cap and/or a balaclava if it gets really cold. Next, let’s break down your questions one-by-one:.

Cross Dressing Guide

A beginner’s guide to crossdressing.   laws in some states and localities prohibit. We can discuss tucking another time, so for now, yeah, pick up what you like. Com/r/crossdressing/comments/1mvub8/as_i_hate_to_see_so_many_beautiful_girls_with_bad/). This link is to jc penney which has excellent information in their apparel sizing guide. Now you can work from there to figure out how to do it properly :d if you want a femme-voice, you have to practice. You will need a guiding hand: a teacher, mentor, a true friend to take you by the hand and lead you with my crossdressing service towards the utter joys of your feminine self. " tell dressed in your regular clothes. No, of course not, but are you sure.

My appointment with lauren on saturday was amazing. ) if you need eyeglasses for reading, you can buy inexpensive reading glasses with very feminine frames just about anywhere (the local pharmacy, wal*mart, etc). If you have not achieved self-acceptance you may carry a great burden of guilt for a variety of reasons. We set the appointment up for friday night and this story is about what happened. Many of you've probably been doing this in some manner for many years: starting by borrowing hose and panties from "dear old mom", testing silky items of an unsuspecting spouse or girlfriend. It states very directly that for these items to be seen as a good thing, i. I’m a straight, married with kids, cross-dresser. The publication of this book is timely.

I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your panties. Creating a feminine face is the most important part for an individual to pass as a female. Social acceptance plays a large role in the perceived low numbers of women crossdressers for the simple reason that it is far more socially acceptable for a woman to be seen wearing men's clothes than a man to be seen wearing women's clothes. The ultimate crossdressing/transgender guide to wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions. Policy or a comparable document.   no one learns makeup on their own. We have aged, we look different, our opinions, priorities and goals have changed. Secret their husband has been hiding is buried deeply, until one day they feel compelled to tell their wife about something they have been struggling with their. This is a guide to coming out to a partner, family, siblings, or friends.

Need to dress and to include their femme persona into their life is essential. Bring backup layers: for extended trips, be ready with replacement layers. Next measure around the fullest are around the nipple area. Lace wigs are super popular since they are the most natural-looking wig option. Most wives are not even aware that their husband is a cross-dresser, until many years into their marriage. This e-book is packed with information on how to create female-like skin, how to perform male-to-female makeovers, how to smell like a real woman, how to dress like a real woman, how to behave and walk like a woman and much more. Also, don't forget the toes and toenails. Discuss the extent your partner is willing to participate in your crossdressing activities.

I thought once the boys were born he would stop-plus you must remember i really didnt know what was going on and he always made me feel bad saying all guys masterbate…. Use the pronoun that matches the person's authentic gender. He says ‘i like to wear a dress’, but you don’t know how often, with who. Cross-dressers do not wish to permanently change their sex or live full-time as women. Glossary of terms - transgender. In fact, if thrym weren't quite so dumb, and loki quite so crafty, thor would never be able to pull it off. A lot of the worry about cross dressing is in the eye of the person cross dressing, most people are too polite and nowadays too accepting to make a fuss. Just as well because the walk to the tube at kings cross and from the tube at paddington seems like miles. The reason i share this with you is to remind you that you’re not alone.

You want your “down there” to look nice and flat. Unless you're on the smaller size, best to stick with even numbers if you're unsure about your size. It is this torah that has given the jewish nation its vital character and its spiritual soul which, in turn, has kept us in existence for millennia. Those who were born with a female brain develope into transsexuals. What i see is someone that fears society, fears telling any loved ones and fears himself for what he is doing.

Yet, it is difficult to know how many cross-dress or consider themselves cross-dressers, since many of them are still in hiding and can’t be counted. My husband dresses in my clothes, my daughers clothes, clothes he sneaks and buys. I don’t go on marches, i don’t want a sex-change, i’m not ‘confused’, bi-sexual etc and i don’t have an alternative name. Part stylist, part co-conspirator, part mother hen, ophelia guides her clients - from beginners to long-timers -- through applying make up, to fitting breast forms; through choosing heels to the art of hiding giveaways like the adam’s apple and manly hands. I’m sure you have used relevant keywords in the search engines to try to find those feminization techniques, but instead, links to sites that had nothing to do with cross dressing showed up in your search results. She has a large range of clothes, styles and sizes from everyday wear through to a wedding dress, and everything in between.

If you try this get light glow, their other colors are too orange.   i started to experiment with different blends and techniques and i finally found a way to completely cover up my beard line. In the guide, the psychological aspect of cross dressing is also covered. And maybe even downright ridiculous. Padded panties can help enhance and add shape to the butt and hips and can be found online as well as in some department stores. In general, locker room situations are best handled on a case-by-case. The roads a lot busier so i arrived just at opening time, checked in the van and asked them to be quick as it was my home. 🙂 i’ll have to check it out. Congratulations, you have a healthy attention span. When it comes to wigs, the big differentiator (aside from hair fiber, style, and color) is the cap construction.

Growing up a bit more, wouldn't you. I hate, hate, hate looking like a girl. Find a size that approximates your dimensions. And has crossed many a lines, and did it knowingly. In part, once we were married, it was a reflection of my desire not to hurt you, my fear of losing you, and the silly notion that, whatever this was, it would “pass”, or that i could turn it off or bury it. Just throw on a dress and enjoy it. Gel bras often come with the forms already inside and can be easier to use if you are new to cross dressing. Many thanks again i would most definitely recommend going to femesque its well worth it to get the look you are after, these girls know what they are doing.

This includes waxing and sugaring as well as mechanical epilators. Most of what i see out on the internet is attestations of cdso’s regurgitating that “10 reasons cds are so great” boogieman. Am i an evil person for keeping my mental illness a secret.   the first time you shave your legs will take forever. ” that is, a biological male may dress in what is generally considered to be “female clothing” and a biological female may dress in what is typically considered “male clothing. It’d be a lie to say it’s all been just peachy-keen for us, but it’s hardly been a disaster, and the issues raised by it seem much the same as any of our other issues, and we treat them as such.   i spent a lot of money. Be aware of the differences between transgender women, cross-dressers, and drag queens. So, you may decide to tell in order to retain your freedom to dress. I completely agree that being a crossdresser does not necessarily equate with being a good spouse.

  again, i learned how to do this by doing. Com offers the selection of crossdresser transformation kits that are designed to help you complete your transformation while saving you money. I don’t know about you, but i sure as heck don’t want to look like a. Makeup — it goes without saying that you must buy and use makeup to emulate a woman. I can only recommend that. You’ve successfully figured out that sometimes lipstick doesn’t look good. And, of course, the longer your appointment, the more styles you may try. Let's put it all together. If you don’t mind, i have a few questions. Let's say you've found a local support group, but since your family doesn't know about your activities, you are not free to explore your gender issues.

Avoid bulk when layering: several light layers provide more warmth than a single bulky layer. We headed back inside and i tried on another dress he had in stock. We shall chat about the latest fashions, about clothes and accessories, about make-up and lingerie. Female to male cross dressing guide. Even though i’m getting up there in age, my new wife loves that when her daughter goes on a sleepover, we have as much sex as we can cram into fourteen hours. I don’t have much family left. 􀁺 create your own cleavages with my detailed step by step. Your page has 3 blocking script resources and 4 blocking css resources. Your services, make-up lessons, deportment, how-to-dress properly lessons and shopping excursion certainly made the difference between nearly there and completely there.

For more information about shopping for transsexuals, crossdresser clothing, lingerie for men, and women’s clothing designed for men, visit www. Carollyn bills herself as ambi-gendered, but she is all woman and knows how to dress for success. And yet, vera has seen huge strides since she started her work. You may need wide or even extra wide if you are a big girl. I’d say there is a honeymoon period where it is a blast (for the partner coming into the relationship with full knowledge). Cross-dresser is typically used to refer to men who occasionally wear clothes, makeup, and accessories culturally associated with women. Without makeup, hair, and movement, learning how to cross dress is only halfway done. A woman wants a man to be her husband. If you only dress occasionally, then buy good affordable everyday items, like the examples above from.   you’re out in public.

Of course, confidence, cosmetics, and clothes can only take you so far, so part five gets back to the issues of comfort and presentation from the second book, exploring how to best feel and look feminine. Of course, it can also get pricey, and very quickly. Except for a miraculous brief period during our courtship and shortly after our marriage. Eventually, he admitted his secret to belinda.   it took a lot of practice. Or wendy who in dressing service uk, explains how her journey to femininity began in her teens.

Guide To Cross Dressing
The restroom matching his/her new gender, effective on the day of. Sometimes, i’d look at...

Guide To Cross Dressing
Had i transitioned, even without body-mods, i don’t know if our marriage would have survived. " i...

Cross Dressing Guide
  if you get into an accident or get pulled over, you’ll need to provide proof of insurance....

Guide To Cross Dressing
Although there is some dispute as to whether the character is transgendered or simply a cross dressing guide -dresser,...

Cross Dressing Guide
To me its better than a new wig, as its now styled just for me – a sophie wig...